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Wedding Photo Albums

The good news: I deliver large wedding collections

The hard part: Choosing which photos to put on your walls

This is where photo albums come in. Wedding albums make a large portion of your photo collection tangible and fun to share with your family and friends. I mean, who doesn't love watching the people you love react to your wedding photos lol. Plus, the wedding albums are beautiful and there is nothing like an amazing presentation to keep you basking in the awesomeness of your wedding day. 

My wedding albums are/include:

12x16 inches in size

Larger albums allow me to feature dramatic scenes and fit in more of your wedding day. And for weddings that are family or community focused, larger albums give me more room to include photos of your loved ones. 

Glass Acrylic Cover

I love color, which means that my albums also celebrate color. All albums have a beautiful glass-like cover. And given that the albums are 16x12 in size, it's like getting a glass print of one of your favorite wedding photos. 

Page Number and thickness

The length of your wedding album (and page thickness) will depend on the type of celebration. For elopements and more intimate weddings, the wedding albums are usually 30-35 pages and have very thick pages ( the thickness of a book made for a toddler lol). For more family and community oriented weddings, the albums are longer with thinner pages ( a thick photo print). These albums tend to be 60-65 pages, which means I can fit in more images of guests and family (usually 100-200 photos in total). You will be able to choose which type of album you would like :)

Cover case

All of my albums include a beautiful case that holds the album. The cases not only protect your album, they also add to the presentation of your album. 

Colors and Material

  • Vegan Leather (black, white, or titanium)

  • Case (linen with vegan leather combination, or all vegan leather)

Investment: $600

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