Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus safe practices and rescheduling guidance:


My number one priority is to keep everyone and their family healthy and safe. This also includes my own family. Because photography is an intimate process, I feel that it is important to address any concerns you may have, as well as to create an environment within each session or event where everyone feels safe.


  • Both the clients and I should refrain from touching each other during the session (no handshakes, hugs, pose adjustments, etc.).

  • If you were to become ill prior to your scheduled portrait session or event, you may reschedule with no penalty or additional cost.

  • If I were to become ill, the session can be rescheduled at no additional cost or cancelled entirely. In the latter case, a full refund will be granted.

  •  Bring hand sanitizer to your session to make sure your hands stay germ free. And remember, if you are sick, let’s just reschedule the session.

  • Indoor locations. Fortunately, most of my sessions occur outdoors. However, if your session is scheduled to occur indoors, please check in with the venue to make sure that they are still allowing indoor events to be held. If your portrait/event location is in a busy indoor venue or will have a moderate to large number of guests, it may be worth rescheduling the session to a later date or changing to an outdoor location.  

  •  If you were to reschedule your event due to coronavirus concerns, there will be no penalty to reschedule your event photography, even if you are under contract with me. The event can be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. I know that this virus is catching people off guard, so I want to be sensitive to this and allow clients to change their plans last minute.  

Weather considerations:


First, I just want to say that most of my sessions this winter have not needed to be rescheduled. So that is the great news. On most days when rain is projected, it has not rained all day and all we really need is a 1 hour window in the day when it is not raining to do your session. I do recommend that my clients block off a morning or afternoon for their photo session in case we need to shift their appointment to a non-rainy part of the day. But, if it really is going to rain all day, then we will simply reschedule to the next available time that weekend or upcoming week, or complete the session indoors. In terms of weather reports, start taking them seriously no earlier than 3 days before your session. Weather reports are a moving target. However, when looking at a weather report, you will want to pay special attention to the hourly report (usually released 1-2 days before). All we really need is a window when it is not raining. And lastly, another great thing is about rainy days....they make for dramatic skies! Just a glass half-full tidbit :)

Where will my portrait session be held?

Prior to your session, we will select the ideal location. As a default, I give my clients four location recommendations: at the beach, in a field, at a local park, and in the beautiful redwoods. However, I encourage my clients to select a setting that fits their personality, and I am open to other locations.

How long will my session be?

Portrait photo sessions typically last 45-minutes to 1 hour. However, depending on the needs of the client, I will often extend photo sessions to 2 hours. Photographing events and weddings will last from 1 hour to 8 hours.

What will my session be like?

It will be a lot of fun! None of my client leave feeling bored. My goal is for you to feel comfortable and beautiful during the photo session.


What should I wear?

It depends on the story you want your photos to tell. If you want more laid-back photos, you will probably feel most comfortable in everyday clothes, or a slight upgrade in your typical clothing. However, if you want the photos to communicate a more professional or stylish look, then glam it up! When it comes down to it, I want you to feel beautiful during the photo session. So take some time and choose clothing that make you feel AMAZING! That way your photos will look amazing! This applies to photo sessions of families as well. I just have one tip: do not all come dressed in the same outfit lol.


Should I wear make-up?

Yes….well maybe, lol. In general, I recommend that clients use a touch of make-up to remove shine from their face and enhance their already beautiful features. Often clients will get their make-up done, or do it themselves. However, I want you to do whatever you need to do to make you feel most beautiful. This is a chance to spoil yourself.

How and when will I get my digital photos?

I will send you your photos via a private online photo gallery 30 days after your photo session. You can share this gallery with your family and friends, as well as download full resolution files of the photos directly from the gallery.

Will I get the digital photos from my session?

I am a generous photographer and I never want to ask my clients to choose which of their beautiful photos to have printed. So, I delivery large digital photo galleries to my clients. For portrait photo sessions, I usually deliver about 70-100 photos. For events and weddings, I deliver 70-100 photos for every hour of photography.

How can I order prints from you?

You can order prints directly from your private online gallery to be mailed to your home. Please contact me if you would like to have a custom photo album designed by me.

How do I pay?

You can send in your deposit and photo session fees via the SECURE Payment page.

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