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Natalia and Patrick Engagement Photoshoot at the McKinley Rose Garden, Sacramento

Hey, y'all! Let me spill the tea on this amazing engagement photoshoot I recently had with the adorable duo, Natalia and Patrick. It was a blast, and let me tell you, their fur babies stole the show! 📸🐾

We met briefly at their friends magical, backyard wedding a couple of years ago. Lol, I still remember Natalia and Patrick from the wedding photos. Fast forward to now, they reached out to me for their engagement photos.

We started the session off at their cozy love nest, where their two dogs and two cats ruled the roost. These furballs were living their best life and hopped right into the frame like pros! It was pure chaos in the most hilarious and adorable way. They even decided to claim the bed as their throne, giving us all those cozy vibes.

After the fur baby extravaganza, we headed to the stunning McKinley Rose Garden. Natalia and Patrick turned up the heat and silliness, bringing their A-game to the photoshoot. We captured some fun, sexy, and authentic moments that will make your heart skip a beat.

The love between these two was palpable, and their genuine connection shone through every click of the shutter. We laughed, they flirted, she palmed his face, and we created memories that will last a lifetime.



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