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Lucia and Jordan's Engagement Photoshoot at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Picture this: Jordan and Lucia, two fab individuals who swiped right on Tinder and set the stage for a love story that's straight out of a rom-com. When Jordan boasted about his top shelf skills in his bio, Lucia couldn't resist the charm. And oh, their first date! Lucia couldn't help but wonder if this tall drink of water might be the real deal or just another Netflix crime series waiting to happen.

But guess what? Cupid had other plans. That first date at the boba shop turned into a sweet symphony that played for two glorious hours. When they finally met in person, Lucia's first words were a hilarious, "Holy shit, you're tall!" Trust me, that icebreaker set the tone for a laugh-filled love story between two introverts.

Fast forward to the day of their engagement photoshoot, where I had the pleasure of capturing their infectious energy and laughter in the breathtaking San Francisco Botanical Gardens, From the moment we kicked things off, it was an all-out adventure filled with giggles, flirty glances, and stolen kisses. Even though Jordan and Lucia said they usually feel nervous in front of the camera, they rocked this photoshoot! I even gave Jordan a symbolic gold star for putting in the effort. My camera couldn't get enough of them.


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