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Dan and Dani's Engagement, Downtown San Francisco, California

Dan and Dani came to me with a long wish list. Sorry, Dan and Dani, I am calling you out lol! But when a client wants photos taken in downtown San Francisco AND at the beach...all within 90 minutes...I assume that they are not familiar with SF traffic patterns lol.

BUT, I work hard for my clients, and I brainstormed. I figured out that the only way we can make this happen is if no cars were on market street AND there was no traffic whatsoever. Well, when does that happen? At sunrise on a weekend LOL!

And that's what we did. On a Sunday at 4:30am, I woke up, got dressed, made coffee...and made the hour long drive to San Francisco. I quickly scouted locations to find the perfect spots, which is pretty easy at 6am. We started at 6:50am and IT WAS MAGICAL!!!!

I have never had a San Francisco shoot go so easily. All the bus drivers were super nice as we stood in the middle of the street, no body run over, parking was a breeze, and the 17 minute drive from downtown to the beach was ACTUALLY 17 minutes. So, here's to Dan and Dani! I now want to do all my shoots in downtown SF at 6 or 7am.


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