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Aldea and Sam's Halloween Wedding at The General's Residence in Fort Mason, San Francisco (Teasers)

My team and I had the pleasure of capturing Aldea and Sam's enchanting love story.

Aldea and Sam, a couple who met at the University of San Francisco, have an extraordinary story. Their first hangout involved watching "The Simpsons" and a quirky incident with Halloween candy melting on a bed. Life led them on separate paths for seven years until a fateful reunion at a festival, sparking a long-distance relationship.

Sam, a dedicated food education teacher at the New Village School, found inspiration in Aldea's amazing painting skills and her ability to wake up early, a trait she taught him.

Aldea, a coffee shop manager, adores Sam's dedication and his indoor jungle of plants.

Their Halloween wedding, a "Hallowedding," featured the ultimate costume party and was a celebration of their unique love story and shared passions, showing that love can create its own extraordinary path.

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