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How to use your QR Code

I am sooooo excited to share your QR code with you! This code allows you to quickly share your wedding teasers and full photo collection with your wedding guests...and even with loved ones who cannot make it to your wedding day.


Imagine all of your loved ones laughing and crying as they view your wedding story...
and you never had to send one email or text.


how it works: 


Share QR Code w/ Guests

Add your QR code to your save the date, invitation, wedding website, travel itinerary, or thank you cards, etc. You have so many options! Check out the examples (on right or below). This is the easiest way to get your QR code out there.

But if your wedding is coming up quickly, rest assured that I always bring a lovely flyer + clear stand on your wedding day to place on the welcome table or DJ table for guests to scan. 


Guests will scan QR Code

Your guests can scan your QR code with their smartphone and enter their email address.


Share wedding photos

Once your teasers or full collection are done, I will request your approval so that I may share them with your wedding guests (via email). Only after you have approved it (and hidden any images), will I email a link to your wedding teasers/full collection. 


That's it!  

QR CODE Save the Date Example 1.png


FAQ: Why use my QR code? There are so many reasons! - Most wedding guests never get to see the full wedding day. Usually, only this is reserved for close family members or friends. But imagine everyone sharing and celebrating your full wedding day story with you. - Imagine your guests finding an amazing photo of themselves with their siblings, kids, partners, or friends, and that photo being apart of their legacy/story. Weddings are big reunions and in some cases, it is the first time both families are in the same location. - It’s an easy way to share your photos! No more emails or texts from family wondering how they can see your photos. - Guests can order their own prints! No more emails or texts from family asking you to print your wedding photos for them.

FAQ: What will happen with your guests’ email addresses? I will only use your guests’ email addresses to share your wedding collection. I will never use them for anything else. They will never be spammed.

FAQ: Why share the teaser photos with your guests, in addition to the full collection? I am all about group engagement, and the thought of your guests viewing 20-80 wedding photos from the day before is super exciting!!! So, I make the extra effort of sharing not only the full collection, but the teasers as well.

FAQ: Will I be able to hide images I do not want my guests to see? When you receive your gallery, login as the Client, and you will be able to hide an image by clicking on the “eye” icon hovering over that image. These images will be hidden from anyone who signs in with the Guest password. Also, for extra security, if you would like for me to delete the image (this can be reassuring if there are some nude images), just let me know.

FAQ: Can I use my QR code after my wedding day? Yes, you can. Your QR code will be active up to 6 months after your wedding day.

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