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Intimate "In Covid Times" Wedding, Sonoma

I wish I could yell this from the rooftops to all bride and grooms….Covid did not ruin your wedding. It just changed your plans. It made things different. I would say that it made things quieter and more intimate. It took out all the hoopla of the typical wedding day (and likely took out the stress too), and it reminded us what really matters…that two people are making a lifelong commitment to starting a journey together. And what can be more special, more beautiful than that?

In some ways, it feels quite natural that a Covid wedding would just be the two of you and an officiant, or maybe a few of your most important people are there. Maybe your parents can’t be there…BUT maybe heart-felt letters written by your parents are read during your ceremony, maybe your friends will hand you flowers as you walk down the aisle as another friend sings on the guitar, or maybe, just maybe, you will be married in a location that you could only dream of (for free). Covid weddings are an opportunity for creativity. You don’t have to worry about your wedding day being special…it will be special because you are getting married. So, take this opportunity to be creative and make this day truly reflective of the connection that you share with your partner, family, and friends. What do you have to lose?

And don’t worry, you can have your larger family- and community-based wedding celebration next year 😊 😊 😊

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