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Annie and Rishi's Wedding at the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley, California

Rishi and Annie, a dynamic duo from Davis, met online (pre-pandemic) and even went on a few dates; but alas, there were no sparks flying. So, they decided to be buddies instead. But guess what? Cupid had other plans.

Annie, being a smart cookie, developed a crush on Rishi, and things took a turn for the better. Rishi's contagious excitement about the world had Annie swooning, and the fact that he genuinely wanted to be her friend melted her heart like a chocolate fondue. Their friendship thrived like an over-watered houseplant.

Annie's fantastic humor and wit hooked Rishi. She was a comedy ninja, armed with quick comebacks and creative responses that left him in stitches. And the best part? They both felt safe being grumpy around each other. No malice, just authentic grumpiness, like a couple of cats in need of a nap.

Rishi's hilarious pronunciation of "goat" was Annie's weakness. Hearing him say it with an accent that could confuse even Sherlock Holmes cracked her up every single time. And Annie, oh boy, her witty responses had Rishi laughing like a hyena on laughing gas. They were a comedy dream team.

And, welcome to their wedding day....


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