Family Portrait, Portland Oregon

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet, with a few nuts. " - Les Dawson

Portland has already become one of my favorite places to photograph families and couples! The colors are amazing! And the people are pretty cool too


I met this beautiful family in one of my favorite vegan restaurants and we hit it off immediately. Actually, it was "Nono", the affectionate nickname of the baby, who caught my attention. She was just so sweet and cute...I couldn't help but make funny faces at her and with her lol. Well, quickly, Mallori (Nono's awesome mom) and I began a great conversation. I asked her if I could photograph her fun, energetic family, and she said YES! And it all worked out so perfectly. A few days later, we met at Cathedral Park in Portland. We spent the first 30 minutes here, and then drove a short distance to Forest Park in Portland for a quick session. It was a blast! Lots of laughs and high fives were shared...the universal sign of the perfect family photo session :)

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