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6 Tips for getting Lush Detail Photos from your wedding photographer!

As far as wedding photo ideas go, detail shots are high on the list (but not essential if they are not your jam). Detail photos can be super simple, or they can be more lush and involve a lot of components (e.g., invitations, shoes, flowers, etc). And it is a good idea to know what is most important to you so that you can communicate it to your photographer and plan for it in your itinerary.

Here are my 6 tips for getting amazing, lush detail photos on your wedding day!


TIP 1: Decide what kind of detail shots you would like

The fastest detail shots simply include the dress and shoes (and sometimes the bride). The most time-consuming detail shots involve flat lays with a lot of components (e.g., invitations, earrings, shoes, etc.).

Quick Detail Shots (10-15 minutes)

Elaborate Detail Shots/Flat-lays (~40 minutes)

For shorter, more intimate weddings, consider going the middle route and do the detail shots on a beautiful tray. It’s an elegant way to limit the items in the frame, and you end up with great lush results.

Moderate detail shots (~30 minutes)


TIP 2: Add sufficient time into your wedding itinerary

Now that you know what kind of detail photos you would like, the key to actually getting them done is to allocate sufficient time into your wedding day itinerary. Full layouts typically take 40 minutes. Details laid out on a tray take 20-30 minutes. And simple detail photos take 10-15 minutes.


TIP 3: Place all of your details in one spot (or a bag/box)

Before your wedding day, be sure to gather all of your details into one spot – rings, flower bouquets, loose flowers, jewelry, invitations, vow books, garter, shoes, and attire. That way, no one has to waste time on your wedding day trying to find them once your photographer arrives.


TIP 4: Ask your florist for extra loose flowers

Flowers are a key component to lush detail photos. And you don’t even need a lot. Even 4-6 flowers, stems, etc. will do. Keep in mind that sometimes, the flowers are not scheduled to arrive prior to your photographer's start time. If that is the case, either bring your own flowers or pick them up from your florist early.


TIP 5: Send me your wedding colors and theme

Send me photos of your wedding colors and any specialty items that will be reflected in your wedding theme. Often I will purchase ribbons (like the pink cloth, stamps, and wax stamp shown below) and brainstorm creative ideas to go with your wedding theme.


TIP 6: Incorporate your details into other parts of your wedding day

I love this technique because it incorporates getting ready wedding details into the rest of your day, and it really highlights your wedding theme. For example, when an invitation, additional flowers, and wedding favors are placed on a table setting, they really add layers to a setting.


Those are my 6 tips for getting great photos of your wedding details! Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

-Brandi, your favorite photographer


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